November 13, 2017

Early Surfing in The British Isles

My first Amazon Kindle edition in the form of an ebook:

The history of surfing's early beginnings in the British Isles, 1890-1943.

Click on the link below the image to read a bit about it and look inside:

September 2, 2017

"Sunshine Revolutionaries," 4th Edition

First self-published in 1987 under the title "Don't Bank on Amerika," this comprehensive history of the Isla Vista riots of 1970 was later titled "Sunshine Revolutionaries" (1996-2002). I changed the title back again in 2004 to "Don't Bank on Amerika," but I found many people confused between my history of the riots and the film that was done during those times, with the same name.

So, for this fourth edition (2017),  I've reverted back to "Sunshine Revolutionaries," the name under which it is copyrighted. At 224 pages, it remains the best and most detailed single resource available on the riots.

It is now available as an ebook for $4.99 at

January 4, 2016

The Isaan: 2012-2015

As some of you know, I write about my life as a retired Californian living in Thailand's Northeast countryside and the mini-trips I take to adjacent countries. "THE ISAAN" blog posts from 2012 thru 2015 (my first four years) are now available as an eBook that you can take with you anywhere, does not require internet connectivity to read, and can be freely shared with others. All internal hyperlinks fully function on their own. External links will require internet connectivity. The eBook is 550 pages long and the file size is 50 MB. It is available for downloading from Lulu for $4.95 USD:

"THE ISAAN: 2012-2013" (my first year) is still available for free at:

June 18, 2015


Click on the book cover, below, to buy this Portable Document Format (PDF) collection of all postings at the LEGENDARY SURFERS website over the past eleven years marks my continued move toward more digitized publication. It is notable in several respects:

  • This “ebook” is completely portable on electronic devices, in a format compatible for reading on any ebook reader. Unlike the content on the website, the content in the ebook is not dependent on a connection to the Internet. You can even take it to the beach!
  • The 1,172 pages (6.25 MB) contain text, images, and internal and external hyperlinks. The internal links function on their own and are particularly helpful when selecting posts in the Contents or following Footnotes to source references. To use the ebook’s external links, yes, you’ll need to be connected to the Internet.
  • Because the ebook is basically an electronic file, it can be easily shared with friends and family. I have not set any restrictions on its replication as long as normal copyright rules are respected. This ebook makes a great gift from you to other surfers you know who appreciate a more detailed look into the history of surfing.

June 13, 2015

THE ISAAN: 2012-2013

"THE ISAAN: 2012-2013" chronicles my first year retired in Northeastern Thailand. Told from the perspective of a Californian in his mid-60s, the focus is on every day life in our Thai-Lao village, but also includes travelogues in Lao (Laos) and Cambodia. It is a free download in PDF, viewable on any computer, smart phone or e-reader; contains internal and external links. To get it, click on the book cover or link, below:

May 28, 2013


Although my 2012 trip to Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary has been serialized in THE ISAAN, I decided to publish the complete work, with pictures that Thip and I took during the journey, and make it available as a free downloadable ebook. To preview it and/or download, please go to:

December 12, 2012

LEGENDARY SURFERS Volume 3: The 1930s

At long last, I stopped procrastinating and finally did the technical work to make LEGENDARY SURFERS Volume 3: The 1930s ... a reality.

Volume 3 is a continuation of the chronological history I have been working on for the past 18 years. It is what it says it is: all about the surf world of the 1930s and is available at:

LEGENDARY SURFERS Volume 3: The 1930s

I have discounted the book by 20%, but may change that in the future if I go to a bigger font size.

List price is $29.95 (U.S. Dolllars). I'm selling it for $23.96, which will save you $5.99.

As always, I hope you enjoy my writings on surf history and welcome any feedback you are willing or have time enough to share. My email address is: